April 27, 2019

Do the Thing!

I watched Brene Brown on Netflix two days ago.  I wonder how many articles start with that statement…  “Call to Courage”. 

I have always wanted to write.  I have written. I have quitten. Not to be famous or fancy.  I just love to write.  I love to connect with people and their stories.  I love to share stories and mine! 

I love to be inspired.  I love to find a way to tell a story so hard that it makes me cry or shiver or laugh out loud!  It feels like the story is alive and will share itself over and over and over from the people that read it.  Those stories are ones that I experience at work or with my kids or just sitting quietly and realizing something my mind had been working on in the background of my day.

So I watched Brene Brown.  It was a call to action.  It takes courage to do things that are uncomfortable and vulnerable and anything that is scary may bring you success or failure.  But either way, if you don’t do it…. Well, that’s the thing.  Anything we don’t do, we didn’t do.  We didn’t try. And maybe the win is literally just doing the do. 

If there’s one thing I could write or share or try to make alive today….  Do the thing!  Do the thing you have always wanted to do but are so scared that you can’t breathe!  Do the thing that makes you so afraid of rejection or failure that you must test it or you’ll never have lived fully. 

Do the thing because outside of your body lies the rest of the universe.  And your only true sphere of influence is this very precious, full, beautiful, sacred perfect space that is your human body, holding your beautiful soul. 

Wait.  Don’t start spinning the story of your do!  I will tell you how it ends.  It ends with a tale, a spun tale.  So it doesn’t count.  Just do. Don’t tell yourself the story.  You don’t know the ending.  And maybe it doesn’t matter.  The win, remember, the win is simply just taking the first step.  Even if, as it is for me, it is the first step…  again. 

With love,

Martini Meditations