January 23, 2013

Catty Wompus Book Review

It’s a tale with an important theme…  well, one of the most important themes of our time.  With the message of anti-bullying so strong right now, we found Catty Wompus, A Tale of Friendship to be a fun, bright, happy approach to a sometimes difficult message.    


No matter how many times we tell our kids this and that lesson, “treat others with respect”, “never be unkind” or “tell someone if there is bullying”, there is no truly no better way to reach a child than a book written by… someone other than us, anyone other than us. 


We are terribly lucky that author, cattyJulie Howe and illustrator Chason Matthams are gifted enough to not only tell a story but make it delightful, full of wisdom and fabulously artistic.  We enjoyed this book immensely.  My kids and I read the book, walked through the concepts easily and once again, LOVED the art that made Catty and her wise friend’s story come alive!  Is it wrong I wanted to ‘dress to impress’ after reading the book?  I know it wasn’t the message, but still!  The colors were palpable!


Please check out this book today at amazon.com or goodreads.com!  (Click the link in our ads to take you to the facebook page!)  Our new friends at Catty Wompus have a wonderful message to share with children everywhere and with a new book on the horizon, we hope we can help tell other parents and children about them!  Thank you for sending us your book, Julie Howe!  We love it!


With love,