June 25, 2011

About Me



Something About Me


The beauty inme life really lies in the little things.  I have two little things that are growing every day, and I have the pleasure of watching them grow.  My two sons are my greatest treasures, and I find that I suck at many little things like cooking or keeping a tidy house.  I yell, I worry too much, I don’t worry enough, and I wonder how the hell I am qualified to do this job.  I get bored and do too much, then I get stressed and try to recuperate.  I wonder if I’ll ever find myself again–since having children–and then I wonder if maybe I’m the best version of myself yet. 


I thought I might be crazy, but every mom I talk to has her version of this same story, sometimes hidden behind a tired, toothy smile.  My hope is to create a place behind the facades.  Here’s how it really is…  Here’s the best and the worst.  It’s all part of the journey!  Thus was born www.mac-n-cheesemartinis.com.  


Oh and a resume?  Do people really want to know this stuff?  Hmmm…  I am a recovering idealist.  I am a stay at home mom, gone back to work after finishing my MBA and raising two infants who became toddlers, who are now 11 and 14.  I am a writer and blogger.  And I sell Medicare insurance as a broker.   


I wrote a book of poetry in my youth that I’d love to be famous from–I’m not.  (Excerpts of Life )  And like most successful people, I have a degree in philosophy (insert sarcasm here).  I went to stunt school.  I’ve jumped out of airplanes (yes, more than once), I have lived in four different cities, three states and visited five continents.  I love rain and walks in the park.  (okay, I’m getting bored myself.) 


 As with any undertaking, there are a few great friends who make your crazy, silly dreams a reality.  Thank you to Tim Hoffland for the incredible logo and continuing help with Joomla administration (oy freaking hard!).  Thank you to Misti Moffett for the fabulous photos that make me smile every time I see them.  And thank you to my boys for being my inspiration and my insanity.  Here’s to my dream of writing!


With love,


You can write me at christinecorbridge@yahoo.com.  Yes, that’s my secret name.  (wink, wink)