February 25, 2014

A Bit of Everything

There’s no point in wondering why.  It really just takes up good time and energy.  It just is.  Today is today.  Life is what it is, and it handed you what it did.  Put it in your arms and call it your own.  There’s no point in fighting what the universe handed you or what you have made of your life or allowed your life to become.  Because now it is yours, whatever it is, wherever you are.  Own it.  Love it.  Call it “George”.  And that’s pronounced HOR HAY. 

Give when you can.  Laugh when it’s not at someone else.  Put a flower behind your ear (until it dies).  Don’t worry about being late sometimes.  Take a breath and see if your shoulders are where they should be or around your ears.  Practice being kind.  Don’t judge yourself too much.  Don’t always compromise, but compromise if you know the other person loves you enough to follow through on their end of the deal. 

Always tell someone you love them if you feel it.  Always say nice things aloud to people, even if you don’t know them.  It might be the catalyst to change their mood, their perception, their life.  It might be the catalyst to change yours.  Always say thank you and soak in every compliment you get!  And let it light your smile for a day, a life, a mile.  Never doubt your power in the universe.  You are powerful.  So use your powers for good.  If you don’t, you have used them for ‘not’ good.  Not choosing is a choice.  If you haven’t chosen to do something good, you have chosen not to.  That is still a choice.

“At the end of the day…”,  my dad used to always tell me, “all you have is yourself.  If you can look in the mirror and know you have done the best you could, that is all you truly have.”  And that’s true.  Money, fame, religion, experience…  it all means nothing if you cannot look yourself in the face and know who you are and what you stand for. 

Sure, it’s a montage of good ideas you’ve heard before, but today you read it here.  Pick one.  Pick something and give it away, as a gift.  Give something beautiful today.  Accept something beautiful today.  That’s all.  Love and Peace. 

And martinis….  The greatest truth.  If you don’t get drunk sometimes, you will forget how much you hate headaches.