November 6, 2020

When Building Love…

Here’s what I think I learned…  When building love, if you don’t feel heard the first time, explain yourself lovingly.  If you don’t feel heard a second time, make sure they understand the gravity of your position.  Or let it go.  You decide.  But the third time, understand your soul and theirs aren’t speaking the same language.  It doesn’t have to be that you are right, and they are wrong.  But you do have to notice that whatever your message, your pain, your perceived worth, your angst, your healing is not shared here.  Whatever their message, their beliefs, their story is unseen by you too. 

Our voices are spoken to be heard.   

Our hearts are healed to be carried tenderly. 

Our love is as precious as our nurturing of it. 

Our worth is a reflection of what we need and demand from ourselves and others. 

Every person has their own values, and there is no judgment there.  But souls have to speak the same language if they intend to spend their love on each other.  They have to have some communication whose safety keeps them close when they don’t agree.   

When a lifetime isn’t possible to get to know someone, we only have the signs today.  And the very bravest thing to be, is the most open and vulnerable version of yourself. And to live from that very open space.   

Walk lightly on this earth.  Don’t take it all too seriously.  But when your heart and soul are seeking a companion, take the walk and talk so seriously that you never wonder why you settled for something that didn’t feel complete. 

With love, 

Martini Mediations