July 9, 2021

Unamed, Untamed

What looks like flowers  

Can be poison 

What looks like an elixir of death  

Can be a taste from the fountain of youth 

And we only have the tools within us 

We only have the power to grow 

Beyond what we already know 

To create more experience 

To dig a little deeper 

To love despite experience’s sting 


We hope, though 

Our greatness will extend 

Our hearts will expand in size 

Our hopes will be met and unmet 

Our lives will continue 

Because our souls remain 

Despite what we do or do not know 


Never be faint of heart 

Never hide 

Never give your adventure away 

To fear or doubt or uncertainty 

That is the spice of life 

The gift of youthfulness 

And potentially, the invitation of death 


So put on the t-shirt 

It’s in my size

This being can handle it 

I will open my heart wide 

And expand  

And know 

Gray hairs were earned 

Tears were cried 

And live was lived, my friends.   


Keep strong, keep alive 

In the end, the joy is  

The process, 

In trying  

In the safety of the home  


With love,