May 14, 2019


Image result for transparent bottle at sea

This is a word that gets thrown around quite freely and easily. And I imagine what it looks like. Me in a glass bottle, like one that might be floating at sea. And I imagine the world can see me easily. I see me looking a bit embarrassed and sheepish, but glad that I am there to be seen. Should you want to really see…

Do you really want it? Transparency? It’s hard. To be transparent. It continues sometimes dynamically. Sometimes difficultly. But I sought the word in your vocabulary. I wanted to know that you knew what it means… to me.

It’s just a word. It’s just what we call our best truth, each of us.

It means very different things.

Your picture is a different cartoon of transparency.

It is transparency differently than me, than I, than we.

You said to me, “I will tell anyone who asks me…”

So if I ask the right question, you will tell me?

If I guess your secret, you will confirm what I see?

If I am right, you will graciously accept and willingly offer details freely?

How lovely.

Here’s hoping I can guess all the things I need

To know you