April 8, 2011

Top Ten Signs Your Wardrobe Screams “SAHM”

1.     You have started building a wardrobe around those three pairs of “fat” pants.

2.     The “capri” pant family has invaded in colors like, beige and white, yep, just beige and white.

3.     The sun visor is a pivotal part of your feeling “complete” when you leave home in the morning.

4.     You are going out, and you can’t decide between your two “cute” outfits, neither of which bears any resemblance to a current trend.

5.     You think “current trends” include the past decade’s hottest moments…  AND the decade during which you attended high school.

6.     You have not updated your bras or panties in the last, well, who needs more than three.

7.     You use your lingerie as gift wrapping when you run out of used gift bags.

8.     Any height on your heels make you feel dizzy and not sexy.

9.     Your prom dress is the last fancy dress you’ve bought, and you are considering wearing it to your husband’s company Christmas party. 

10.  You think changing your wardrobe up a bit means buying those three really bright tees on sale at Target, in different colors, but the same style.