October 10, 2014

Today is Amazing!

Okay, so I hate to brag…  but then you’ve heard me say that before.  My life is awesome and amazing at every moment today.  And some days you need to tell someone.  Sometimes you need someone to know, so it seems real. 


*The house is perfectly clean!

Except for the large stains in the carpet by the front door.  I sometimes wonder if it’s a reflection of my inadequacies as a domestic wonderless.


*The kids are happy!

Except for the whining periodically.  They think they need this and that and the other thing to truly make this home what it should be. 


*I have forgotten how to yell!

Except for a few minutes ago.  But seriously…  Do we need to have that conversation again?


*I look amazing!

Well, except the fact that I am wearing part of the same outfit I wore yesterday…  Good thing I tried to get the stain out before I put it on.


*I am happy and peaceful!

But maybe that’s because I just listened to the cup song on youtube, and I have forgotten the ten important things I was supposed to do for work this last hour.


See, it’s not fair to be me!  It’s not fair to be my kids and my house!  I make the rest of the world pale in comparison.  I forget to be humble, and I spread too much joy and happiness around me.  Good thing I wasn’t smiling this morning when I went out.  Good thing I didn’t make too many people feel inferior. 


So happy Friday to you and yours!  I hope you feel as amazing as I do today!  It still…  just…. Isn’t fair!