October 11, 2012

The ‘Private’ Spouse and the Blogger

I pulled up a blog the private spouseother day from a twitter post.  No, I don’t remember which one.  I thought the lady was funny, and her blog was awesome.  I know, I should remember so I can share…  but damn all those other things in my head that keep me from remembering fun and inconsequential information.  (socks, dinner, homework)


I read the lady’s little blurb about herself.  It was super cute, and the one thing I remember is that she mentioned having a ‘private’ husband.  I giggled, then I laughed, then I almost wet myself.  I realized I do too.  I wondered how many other private wives and husbands stood warily and shakily behind their blabbering, blogging spouses.  And I know it’s not just women.  There are plenty of dad bloggers out there who crack me up—and I KNOW there’s a private spouse back there behind the hilarity.  Because, let’s be honest…  I feel like there’s this need to share, to communicate, to make things real by throwing them out and hearing what others share too. 


And private people don’t feel that need.  They know things are real because they have the details neatly arranged in their little life memories box.  And that’s awesome, but seriously, how many bloggers have a private spouse?  And maybe, if I am not going too far, it is the private spouse’s FAULT!!!  MAYBE, all that privacy makes the more outgoing spouse feel like sharing more!?  LOL!


Or maybe the over-communicative spouse envisions they are not actually telling everyone everything.  Maybe they think their little title and logo keeps them from being their real name.  It’s like a stage name, right?  No one knows Bambi the stripper is actually named Brenda Bilal, who lives in a normal house with her two kids.  (difference:  Bambi makes more money than I do.)  And I wonder if sometimes I think no one really worries about who I really am.  They just read the stories and feel some relief that someone is crazier than they.  Truly, I think at the core of my ‘sharing’, I don’t think what I have to say is that interesting that anyone will look me up.  But maybe instead, I should be careful, that they don’t look my husband up.  Come on, that’s funny. 


Yah, it’s a random vomit of words, but I laughed to myself.  I laughed and I had to share.  I had to throw it out there for any other bloggers.  Seriously, how private is your spouse?   


The family picture?  Not missing dad because he’s not here…  but for privacy purposes.  See I AM thoughtful!