September 8, 2008

the new martini

I have no idea why the name of this site is what it is. In fact, you’ll find I don’t know most things. I don’t know the right thing to say to my four year old when he gives me two choices while I’m driving. “Mom, you can either pick up that car for me, or give me back the stick you just took. Which would you prefer?” And I say, “ummmm.” Okay, I am kind of lying because obviously I must have a quick tongue if my preschooler is sassing like that. But seriously, do I know what to say? No.

I do, however, know that I do need to laugh about my life that resembles the circus, an episode of “Married With Children”, and a few precious moments previously seen on “The Waltons”–or was it “Desperate Housewives”?? Either way, I feel I need a place to retreat. And if my “happy place” does not exist, I am going to create it. The website is under construction, but I am positive that in the next few months, I will have a few podcasts of what I would like to call, “My happy place.” It is going to be a place where we can get together and share our happy and horrible parenting stories in safety, knowing we are here for entertainment, reality, a way not to judge ourselves so much, and a sense of community.  We do so much for our kids, and here’s our chance to do something for ourselves and our kids. Pull up a drink of lemonade, a shot of vodka or cup of tea. It doesn’t matter what you drink, but it does matter that you bring your reality and share with me and us!

Whether a need to justify my own perceived injustices and failures as a parent or that need to make others feel like the world is perfect just as it is, I want to find a way for us all to reach other other…

Welcome to mac-n-cheese martinis!