May 25, 2016

Stop. Just Be.

In a noisy world, how often do we continue to explain ourselves, defend ourselves, speak so loudly, when our truth is in the ability to just be. 


Stop.  Just Be.


I am tired of hearing words.  People speak.  Loved ones speak.  I speak.


There are narratives around me, around us, everywhere.


And they keep speaking.  The voices are so loud.  The pictures, the snippets of life.  The words that mean only that I was able to come up with something snappy.  And I posted.  I wrote.  I called.  I blogged.


I hear and hear and hear and see.  You and me both.


I hear the chatter and surmise and share and defend.


And although I love the words, the pictures, the snippets.


The reality is in your face when you speak to me, your body language.


The reality is in you showing up, showing respect, listening, answering thoughtfully, giving back, and sharing.


The closeness, the meaning, the connection is the way I remember you in front of me, the things you do, the way you communicate with me, the things we share, we plan, we create.


So stop telling me who you are.  I will stop defending me.


I will quit listening to all the voices, all the input, all the noise.


And I will sit for a moment and see, just see.  I will not talk.  I will watch and listen.  I will be still.


I will see you.  You will see me. 


Instead of imagining the way I will explain something. 


Or how you will explain it to me. 


I will just be.  You will be.


And we will be free.


Free from explaining.


Free from our voices and snippets and pictures.


Safe space.  Quiet.  Just be.


And there I will see


What you meant to show me


Because it is just that


Who you truly be. 


With Love,