July 13, 2012

Riedel Crystal O Wine Glasses!!!

You always hope that one day your gifts will beglass noticed by someone great, someone special, someone who makes wine glasses or wine.  And finally, my days of drinking wine, copious amounts of wine, out of different glasses has paid off. 

I’ve drunk from cold wine glasses, warm wine glasses, plastic camping wine glasses, wine glasses from some of the finest wineries, martini glasses, beaded glasses, glasses, that say “Chocolate and wine please” and some that looked a lot like water glasses (probably because they were water glasses).  But this very day, I was asked to try Riedel O glasses.  To be specific, they sent me the O Wine Tumbler, Chardonnay style.  And may I say that, as the wine glass expert I am, this was a lovely glass.  I won’t lie.  I love wine from any glass, but there is an “experience” that goes with drinking wine.  And if you ‘love to drink’, I mean, ‘are a wine connoisseur’, you know the glass enhances the experience.  See for yourself how lovely the glass is.  And that’s without wine in it.  Think of this as the before picture. 


Sure, you can take a moment to grab a glass of wine while you finish my review, because it only gets more helpful and delicious. 


I was concerned that the word ‘crystal’ meant I would be worried I might break it.  I do have two children who run frivolously about, even when I tell them, “Seriously, this is my drinking time!  I just fed you lunch!”  And I don’t want to break the glass by squeezing it too hard or accidentally tripping over a train set while I am prancing neatly about the house during happy hour/lunch time.  Whatever, don’t judge. 


The glass was not fragile like some crystal glasses.  It was durable and fit beautifully in my hand.  I am a tiny woman, and the glass was so comfortable.  Now I’ve always had stemware.  And I’ve heard that sometimes wine gets too warm in stemless glasses.  I do NOT know what people are talking about.  If you drink quickly enough, this would never happen!  So look to yourself for the answer to this quandary.  Finish your damn glass of wine already! 


In case you don’t believe me how awesome famthese glasses are, I did bring the glasses to my monthly Book Club, where we were discussing the literary marvel, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.  So you can tell it’s a very distinguished group of women, right?!  And the feedback was clear.  We love the glasses.  They can be held comfortably, most often, while sitting on the couch.  No, that’s really what all the moms told me.  They said stemware is too cumbersome while sitting on the couch and reading a good mommy porn book.  So let it be known.  Whether reading a trashy novel or watching ‘Dexter’ after the kids are in bed, this wine glass is perfection. 


Another plus?  Well, the glasses are terribly feminine.  One mother noted that the glass would be too small for a man’s hand but perfection in a woman’s.  Did that mean accessory?  Yep, that’s what I heard!  I am fairly certain I will be buying more of these glasses for all my fabulous, intellectual, couch cuddling, feminine goddesses, I call friends.  And as for more parties, well, who needs a ‘review’ to have a party.  And who wants to clean up a bunch of broken stemware after the party.  If you have good drinking friends, the stemless crystal ware from the O wine collection is a must.  Guess what ‘O’ stands for?  I already know.  😉 


Happy shopping, my friends!