August 19, 2015

Makes Me Stupid

I would like to imagine that even I am able to write a short and sweet little blurb every single day, to speak my truth in power and simplicity.  But really, that’s not what mac-n-cheesemartinis is about.  So starting today, try to watch my progress and judge quietly.  It won’t be spectacular. 


My kids are back in school.  And I write little words and snippets of wisdom in my personal journal.  I watch my personal growth, and I celebrate the little steps I take each day to become more like Depak Chopra and less like the maniacal mom I picture in my head.  And I do my  No, this isn’t a review for lumosity.  Well, not on purpose anyway.  But seriously.  Do this experiment.  And see how crazy this is! 

My kids were home with me this summer, because unlike some children, my kids BEGGED to stay home instead of going to summer camp.  Most kids are like, “Hey, can I go to robotics camp in East India?”  And most moms are like, “Wow, wouldn’t you like to take swim lessons at the community center?” 

 But me, I’m like, “Hey, what about robotics camp in East India?”  And my kids are like, “NOOOO, we want to stay home with you!”  And then we spend two weeks in bliss as we do all our summer activities at the water park and visit with friends and they do their schoolwork and piano and reading each day.

 And it feels a lot like awesome would, on a stick, with fluffy cotton candy wrapped around it.  And then the last two weeks come around, and they bicker more, and I get irritated faster, and they get out of doing chores, and I work from home and yell a little louder when they interrupt my work calls.  And I impulsively add robotics camp to the calendar for next year, knowing we’ll do the same things again. 

 But wait, I was talking about lumosity!  Soooooo fun experiment.  I was kind of rocking my lumosity scores, feeling like the little home genius that I might think I am when my scores go up and up.  And then somewhere after the two week vacation with their dad, like two days after they got home, my scores plummeted.  And let me be more specific.  My attention scores fell like a freaking anchor, dropped on land.  Turns out I became extremely stupid and unable to focus or problem solve when my kids came home, after two weeks of quiet and calm. 

Ok, tell me something interesting, right?! 

But for real, though, my scores have gone back up in the last couple weeks since the kids went back to school. 

There, I’ve done the research.  Working from home over the summer with your two favorite people home with you is not a good way to become more intelligent.  In fact, it made me stupider for a couple months.  So you don’t need to ask yourself anymore, “Why do I feel like I am losing my mind?”  You are.  Done and done.  I’ve done the research, and you can too. 

So while there is no better place to be than home with my beautiful boys.  While my goal in life is to be there for the things that matter, like picking up from school or seeing a school play or driving to karate or just having a snack after school and going through work from the day…  it does, in fact, make me stupider.  And let’s be honest…  we’ve known forever…  ignorance is bliss.  Enjoy your stupid, enjoy your ignorance, enjoy your kids!  And when they go back to school, recover for a couple weeks and know it does come back.  And now I have no idea what to do with all the power in my brain. 

 Fuck it.  Hand me a martini!


Love to you and yours today!