October 7, 2014

John C Lincoln Sonoran Health and Emergency Center

For my Phoenix peeps, this is for you!  For my North Valley Phoenix peeps, this is more for you than the group I just mentioned.  For my 85085, 85086 peeps, this is SO way for you! 







I was recently invited to a luncheon for some bloggers in North Phoenix to John C Lincoln Sonoran Health and Emergency Center. 






Someone is under the impression that anyone in North Phoenix reads my blog.  So PLEASE help me out here!  Because the place was awesome!  I want everyone to go there!  I want mostly people who live close to go there because it would be stupid to drive across the valley to an emergency center. 



Nonetheless, I was super psyched after the lunch and was telling everyone about it at the spa, where I got a gift certificate to.  And they were all like, “Can you shut up so the cucumbers can really kick in?”  And I’m all like, “What?  You have a huge rash!  Can I drive you to the emergency room at John C Lincoln Sonoran Health and Emergency Center?” 



And so I brought a couple people in, but it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.  There were no rashes, and they were naked…  and there was embarrassment and cursing…  some tetanus shots…  I feel like if you’re there, you should get something.



  And then before everything went bad…  I was like, “Hey!  Wait!  Ladies, this place is way nicer than the spa we were just at!  Check out the pictures, listen to the music, smell the…,  look at the art!” 


And they calmed down for a moment…  It was true.  The place was nicer than the spa.  It was beautiful.  And people were calling us all by name and the rooms had all these push buttony things that were so fun and entertaining.  And even though there was blood drawn, it was like in the fun way.  You know, like when you WANT to get a shot because the ambiance is so amazing, nothing could go wrong.



So, my point is this…  there is this AMAZING emergency room right near those of us in North Phoenix, off the 17 and Sonoran Desert Parkway.  It’s truly beautiful.  It has state of the art machinery, and they even house the only low dose CT scanner at any JCL hospital in Phoenix.  It actually delivers 80% less radiation than the older version of the CT scanner.  That’s incredible!  They have only been available for about six months, and this hospital already has them.



They have a wonderful breast cancer center that feels like a spa and delivers world class care.  I recently had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.  I wish I had gone there.  It’s lovely.  The people are lovely.  Each person who spoke to us had a heart as big as outdoors, and qualifications to actually help those whose heart they held. 



I was impressed.  And I hate to say this aloud, so I am going to whisper…  “But if we have an emergency anytime soon, we will be going there.” 



I was almost embarrassed how many of my friends had already been there for an emergency.  I really clearly do not have enough life threatening events in my life….  KNOCK ON FREAKING WOOD!  (Pause for loud knocking!)  Every single person I mentioned it to, had an amazing experience.  How often does that happen?  Someplace lives up to and exceeds their own expectations…  I love that! 



Oh, and I hate to brag…  well, a little anyway…  enough to mention quickly…  they all loved my Mack.  He came to the luncheon with me.  He was awesome and charming, and they all went on and on about how smart he was.  That really made my day amazing.  And Mack got a new car, which I will drive until he is able, of course…  But good job, Mack! 



WAIT!!!  Thank you to Lauren Strait!  You are amazing and wonderful, and I (and all my readers) will see you at an emergency soon!