September 19, 2011

It Must Be Picture Day!


picture day



When the night before the day after-you find yourself in a tizzy, trying to get homework done—a little more than usual and forget to read the little reminder,


When you put the kids to bed before they change into their pajamas because bedtime has already passed and it will take too long to coerce a bedtime ritual, 


When, in the morning, your child finds the ONE pair of school pants that has a little red paint on them, and you just didn’t throw them away because–it might wash off after a few more tries,


When the usually, only semi-wrinkled clothes your child dons–could be mistaken for crepe paper,


When your child actually awakens in the morning with an additional cowlick in the middle of their forehead, 


When your child after the night of less sleep than usual, is a pale and grumpy,


When that weird contusion under their cheekbone seems to have GROWN over night instead of healing,


 When they choose the one shirt out of their closet that makes them look awkward and lumpy, 


 When no teeth have been brushed and you accidentally served the kids coffee and a nice merlot with breakfast instead of milk and water….


Well, it just might, most definitely, certainly, without a doubt, be freaking picture day!