April 19, 2013

Give It a Rest Already!

It’s not that I don’t like writing anymore, because I do.  It’s not that I gave my kids away—yet.  It’s not that I can’t take the pressure anymore…   Please…  I’ve got nothing but free time.  And it’s not that summer is on the way…  even though that’s definitely part of it. 

And it’s definitely not because I am passed out under the kitchen table, mid-martini sip.  That would just be tacky…  So please don’t peek in my windows.  Things are totally under control.

But it is because I need a freaking break!  I know, how difficult can it be to write a stupid story about your life?  Well, it’s not.  But I still have drinks to concoct, children to beat, friends to make fun of and interests to find.  Cause really, what’s necessary outside of Netflix and locking the kids out of the house to make interests fall by the wayside?  But I really can’t say that on the internet. 

Oh wait, you can say whatever the hell you want on the internet.  Gotta love free speech, for the most part, until someone says something stupid.  Good thing I’ve never done that.  So it’s good time to take a break before I say something, more stupider. 

I will miss you all, and here’s hoping you miss me in 2 and a half seconds, cause that’s how quickly your next twitter and facebook roll will move the fuck on to something else!  But cheers to you and yours, while I take a break with meeees and mine.  Yes, that’s a word! 

(In case my cryptic magic of writing eludes you, I’m taking a break from writing and blogging for awhile, so I can drink more and tell people how much time I’m spending with my family.  Hope you find time to do the same thing for yourself.  See you soon.)

Much love,

C freaking C