July 13, 2017

Balance Beam Fo What?

If I walk the balance beam beautifully, I am perfectly balanced. 


I walked on the damn beam.  I kept falling.  Sucked.  I saw another guy do it.  He was amazing…  So balanced.  Guess what…  He had obviously been practicing for years.  I saw his body move gracefully and wonkedy.  I couldn’t replicate it.  I was able to balance a little.  And then I saw other people unable to balance at all or take one step.  I didn’t actually feel better about that.  I just noted it.  And then I tried again.  I didn’t do much better.


But if you never try, you have never tried.  If you practice, you will get better, at some level or another. 


If you try to make it your daily practice, you may succeed or even become an expert.


Life is like that. 


We know what it’s supposed to look like when someone else does it.  And it feels so uncomfortable and possibly impossible when we try it.  And potentially conquerable if we continue trying it.  But we have to choose which things we want to get better at and those we don’t.  We choose every day, all day long.  What do I want to be good at?  What am I willing to be uncomfortable at?  What would bring me closer to the goals I have in place?


It’s not easy.  It’s not a contest.  There’s no real prize except that you might feel better if you choose and practice something important to you…  each day, for many days and see yourself improve.  And if you don’t judge yourself for being better than some and less competent than others.


If you just choose and do.  If you just accept where you are, probably you can walk on the balance beam too, farther than a month ago, because you practiced.  You can probably make more money, have better friendships, laugh more, be more healthy, make your bed.  Dunno.  Don’t matta. 


Was just thinking about it.


Me, I just bought a big package of hot yoga classes.  I want to do it.  I think it would be a great challenge and benefit.  And I have gone once in the last month.  So I am not where I am headed.  But I took two steps, buying and going once.  So I am where I am. 


Yah, there’s a deeper message too.  And you’ve probably come to expect me to end these things with a tearful thought.  But this time, I am ending with a picture of sweaty yoga.  No tears.  Profusely sweating pits, face, back, you name it.  No bigger meaning.  Choose something that makes you cry if you want to cry.  Or learn how to weave baskets out of dental floss.  Both are a step.  Do it. 


And have a freaking martini when you’re done!

With Love,